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How to create/access and update global variables in Simulink using Data Store Memory block

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In the Simulink Model (.slx attached), I would like to create a global variable 'Pulse' which I have attemped doing in the MATLAB function block. I further would like to update this variable such that at each iteration of the simulation, the updated variable is used by the MATLAB function block. I have added the Data Store Memory block to the model, however the model returns the following erroe for the above mentioned steps take:
Simulink cannot determine sizes and/or types of the outputs for block 'globalSimulinkData/MATLAB Function' due to errors in the block body, or limitations of the underlying analysis. The errors might be inaccurate. Fix the indicated errors, or explicitly specify sizes and/or types for all block outputs.
The variable 'Pulse' is initialised in the MATLAB script as 'PulseInit' (.m file attached).

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Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena on 17 Nov 2020
Hi Krupa,
My understanding of your question is that you want to have a variable which change with every time step.So do that you do not a Data Store Memory Block , what you can do is provide a Input array of Pulse along with the time in your simulink model.
Ex : your time steps is 0.1 so , our time array will be
t = [0:0.1:3]';
similarly let's assume our pulse be random(for example , we can any have values ):
pulse = rand(1,31)';%%size of both arrays should be same
Now to connect these inputs to simulink , go to Modelling->Model settings->Data Import/Export.
You would se ethis expression [t u], here t stands for our time array and replace u with pulse and apply the settings .
Now use the Input port block in simulink and connect this to your Function block.
More more details refer to this doc : Import from Workspace


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