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How to measure picture in Matlab GUI

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i am doing an interface for measurement tool for my final year project, (FYP). I need to know how measure picture in Matlab GUI.

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Julien on 21 Feb 2013
What do you mean about measuring a picture ? If you only want to get the resolution, use P=imread('picturename.format')
You will store a matrix containing all the pixels. Then the size of your picture is the number of line and the number of columns.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Feb 2013
Where did you upload your image to? You forgot to tell us. You can measure things manually with imdistline().
Siti Nor Arma Bt Mohd Zainun
The image is browse from other file. I'm using the push button to browse the image. I was try the 'imdistline' syntax and the result shows only in pixel value. the problem now is, i want to convert the pixel into other unit, such as 'cm' 'mm' in the picture. Please show or share with me the formula and the code that i can be inserted in GUI

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