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Format long error in function

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Hi guys,
I am attempting secant method in matlab, my function works perfectly well and outputs results to 4 decimal places. however i want to increase the number of decimal places and i am trying to use format long, however it does not work. Can you kindly take a look at my code
function approx = secant(f,x0,x1,nmax,tol)
format long
i = 2;
p0 = f(x0);
p1 = f(x1);
while i < nmax
x2 = x1 - (x1-x0)*p1/(p1-p0);
if abs(x2-x1)<tol
i = i + 1;
x0 = x1;
x1 = x2;
p0 = p1;
p1 = f(x2);
approx = x2;
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 9 Nov 2020
ahmed - consider using fprintf and specifiying the number of integers to the right of the decimal point that you are interested. For example, change
fprintf('%.8f\n', x2);
where the .8 indicated that you want to show 8 integers to the right of the decimal point.
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ahmed saheed
ahmed saheed on 9 Nov 2020
Hi Geoff
Thank you for the clarity.
It worked :)

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