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radar system (short range radar)

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Aaron Aguilar
Aaron Aguilar on 8 Nov 2020
need help recreating system for a blind spot monitoring (short range system).
library does not have a block "radar subsystem" see below? how do i create this block?
the range angle calculator block on library, only has one iput iput and two outputs, how to add pos and ref Re fPos?
speed & range estimation block not on library. how to create this block ?
and dectection block, how to create as well?
im trying to recrate this system to add to a ADAS system.

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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 26 Mar 2021
Hi Aaron,
  1. You will not find ‘Radar Subsystem’ and ‘Detection’ in library because those blocks are not library blocks, they are custom made subsystems. You must create them using basic blocks.
  2. The Range-Angle response bock can be reconfigured to have more inputs/outputs by using the block parameters (Try double clicking the block and enable the inputs)
  3. You can use Range-Doppler response block for speed and range estimation
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Adarsh Jayakanthan
Adarsh Jayakanthan on 9 Jul 2023
Hi Kiran,
Would it be possible to know what is the detection algorithm being used inside the 'Detection' block?
Would be very helpful if you could guide me.
Thank you.

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