How to configure S-Function Builder from command line?

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The graphical interface used to configure S-Function builder is nice. However, for larger projects it makes code maintainance hard.
It might be better to have scripts that can be ran to configure several S-Functions inputs, outputs, states, parameters sizes and types automatically all at once.
How would I configure, for example, number of inputs, name, type and size and dimension of an S-Function builder from the command line?
Thanks, Jose Ospina

Accepted Answer

TAB on 15 Feb 2013
Edited: TAB on 15 Feb 2013
See this solution on how to use s-function builder using command line.
Get S-function builder data with
appdata = sfunctionwizard(BlockHandle,'GetApplicationData');
Use appdata.SfunWizardData to read and write field data of S-function builder.
You can use sfunctionwizard to build the s-function builder from matlab command.
giga on 1 May 2016
Hi, I tried to modify the appdata.SfunWizardData as described in these Matlb questions: 1 , 2 . However, the changes made to the appdata.SfunWizardData gets overwritten. I am using Matlab 2015a. Can anyone suggest how to make changes back to the SFunction Builder? Thanks!

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kiyoko on 24 Jul 2018
sfunctionwizard is undocumented and not officially supported. If you are looking for command-line s-function authoring functionality, then the legacy code tool is designed for this.

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