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About add gaussian white noise without using function directly

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Shao Qianting
Shao Qianting on 3 Nov 2020
Commented: Shao Qianting on 9 Nov 2020
I'd like to add gaussian white noise on the image, and don't use matlab function directly, and I should use probability density function.
NewImage = OldImage + k * Gaussian, I don't know how to write. Please! Thanks!


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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 6 Nov 2020
Hi Shao,
To add Gaussian Noise to an image without using the in-built function, you may do the following,
  1. Generate a Gaussian Kernel – Refer fspecial
  2. Convolve the Gaussian Kernel and the image – Refer conv2
Kiran Felix Robert

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