How do I get my string from a handle.text GUI HELP

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Amed on 11 Feb 2013
I'm trying to obtain a string value and set it as a variable 'a' ..
So in the opening function I set a particular handles.text to 'TRUE'. One pushbutton sets handle.text to 'FALSE', but I want to be able to read if that value is true or false to stop a loop.
I tried to set them as integers, but Matlab didn't allow me to? For example
set(handles.text, 'String', 'TRUE')
works fine.. but if I try
set(handles.text, 'double', 0)
i'm told it's an invalid property.. is there a property for integers? if not can I read out my text as a separate variable 'a'?

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Feb 2013
No there is no "double" property for text label controls. Perhaps you want to use the UserData property to store things.

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ChristianW on 11 Feb 2013
Get String from text handle:
Checking and breaking a loop:
if strcmp(get(handles.text,'String'),'FALSE')

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