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Main title of figure removed after print function is used

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I am creating a figure with 6 sub figures, all with its own title. At the end I want to display a title using sgtitle for the figure. This works well and then I am exporting my figure using print. However, after the print step, the title of the figure dissappears. Below is a snippet of my script.
summaryTitle = sprintf(summaryTitle, Name,iFrame, percentage,...
sgtitle(summaryTitle, 'Interpreter', 'none');
pdfTitle = Class+"_summary of Image_"+num2str(iFrame, '%05i');
mkdir (fullfile(selpath,'CroppedImages','Reports'));
print(pdfTitle, '-dpdf', '-fillpage','-r600');
summaryPath = fullfile(selpath,'CroppedImages','Reports');
movefile(pdfTitle +".pdf",summaryPath);
The problem occurs everytime the script passes the line with print.

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Filip Fedorowicz
Filip Fedorowicz on 27 Oct 2020
Update: I was running the script in live editor, somehow this was the problem as exports normally in the .m format.

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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 6 Nov 2020
Hi Filip,
This is a known issue, which may be fixed in a future release.
A Workaround is to use the annotations to generate a common title as shown in the code below,
f = figure;
title('First Subplot')
title('Second Subplot')
title('Third Subplot')
title('Fourth Subplot')
annotation('textbox', [0.45, 1.0, 0.2, 0], 'string', 'Title',"EdgeColor",'None',"FontSize",15)
Kiran Felix Robert


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