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How would I use loops to set certain values in a martix to 0?

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I want to make a function that turns every value but the values in a diagonal shape for a matrice.
function [X] = threeMatrices(matrice)
X = matrice;
X(1,2) = 0;
X(1,3) = 0;
X(2,1) = 0;
X(2,3) = 0;
X(3,1) = 0;
X(3,2) = 0;
But this doesn't work with matrices of random sizes. Am I supposed to use a loop or anything?


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Accepted Answer

Benjamin on 23 Oct 2020
X(~eye(size(X))) = 0;

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Kylenino Espinas
Kylenino Espinas on 23 Oct 2020
If I wanted to do the opposite of the diagonal and do everything but it, how would I change it?

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