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JAMMI ASHOK on 21 Oct 2020
Commented: ASHOK JAMMI on 2 Nov 2020
Now a days, I am hearing Matlab is being replaced by python... especially with numpy and scipy we can do the same things tha Matlab is doing. What is Matlab's response to this ? Are they going to improve more robust features in competiton. Because I have seen many people shifting... just because a free numpy and scipy is performing equalent to Matlab.. How is Matlab responding to loss of it's customers?
ASHOK JAMMI on 2 Nov 2020
Yeah. I hope Matlab will take this positively. I just wanted an opinion. It is not to incite a bad competition with python or something. Everything is good in its domain.

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod on 1 Nov 2020
MATLAB, if considered in total, is a language specific for numerical computations. It also has domain specific toolboxes and apps along with dedicated technical support which attracts various users. It has tools related to multiple domains and has interconnections with many different toolboxes which makes matlab very seemless to use. But It totally depends on what the user wants out of a language. We always make sure to consider different use cases of customers by getting their reviews and developing different functionalities based on those needs and also keep our products upto date.
You could refer to the following link to have more info on some of the uses of MATLAB.





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