Edge extraction from a voronoi tessellation

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Tonino Nucifora
Tonino Nucifora on 19 Oct 2020
Commented: HG on 14 Jun 2021
Hello everyone,
I'm having a lot of problems about extracting edges from a random Voronoi tessellation.
Would any of you know how? Is there any function that allows you to do this?
Thank you.

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Sarvani Panguluri
Sarvani Panguluri on 22 Oct 2020
can you specify what you mean by "a random voronoi tesselation"?
Are you creating a 3D voronoi tesselation and trying to extract its edges?If so, Using voronoin /VoronoiDiagram functions output arguments,
[v,c]= voronoin(P); % P is matrix with coordinates
returns matrix v which represent Vertices of edges and a cell array c where each element of c containes the row indices of the Voronoi vertices v that make up a Voronoi cell.
would return the vertices corresponding to cell number 'i'
You can refer to this Computing the Voronoi Diagram for more insight
Hope this helps!
Tonino Nucifora
Tonino Nucifora on 22 Oct 2020
So the edges are already contained within the patch? Don't need a matrix to extract the sides of the various polygons? And also is it possible to convert this into an STL file? Thank you.

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