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make different numbers with the same digits

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I have to ask the user for a positive integer ( input=('give a positive integer') and then ask him through a menu if he wants to make a bigger or smaller number with the same digits so Matlab will calculates the requested number.
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 19 Oct 2020
What if use input 999? Also, if you just want a bigger number, you can add 1.
Jens Petit-jean
Jens Petit-jean on 19 Oct 2020
yeah I know I think 999 just keeps the samen. No I can't just add 1 I need to make the number bigger or smaller just by changing the position of the digits.

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Answers (2)

Vladimir Sovkov
Vladimir Sovkov on 19 Oct 2020
y=str2num(sort(num2str(x),'ascend')); % smaller
z=str2num(sort(num2str(x),'descend')); % bigger

KSSV on 19 Oct 2020
str = '215' ;
num = str2num(perms(str)) ;
greater = num(num>str2num(str))
lesser = num(num<str2num(str))

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