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Display Image in separate figure in app designer

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Hey there,
I want to display an image in app desginer like I would do it in this way:
[filename,pathname] = uigetfile({'*.*';'*.jpg';'*.tif';'*.gif';'*.png'},'Select Image');
i = imread([pathname,filename]);
f1 = figure;
I tried many ways to do it, but it won't work.
app.f1 = uifigure;
app.im1 = uiimage(app.f1);
app.i1 = imshow(app.i,'Parent',app.im1);
Also i need a default toolbar and menu, which the figure in app designer does not have.


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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Oct 2020
You can still call figure() in your code to bring up a separate figure, separate from your main GUI that you built with App Designer.


Cedric Hauschopp
Cedric Hauschopp on 18 Oct 2020
Thank you so much. Can't belive I did not try the easy way. Maybe because this warning pops up:
Specify a UIAxes as the value for 'Parent'.
Anyway thanks!
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Oct 2020
Dont' specify a parent. Just rely on the new figure as being the current figure:
hFig = figure;

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