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Can not install waijung blokset

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delil codes
delil codes on 16 Oct 2020
Commented: delil codes on 14 Jan 2021 at 9:30
I cannot install waijung blokset.
I have an error like;
Unable to resolve the name LibraryBrowser.StandaloneBrowser.
Error in waijung.refreshLibraryBrowser
Error in install_waijung (line 62)
What should i do?


Jerin Joy
Jerin Joy on 7 Nov 2020
sir which version of matlab are you using ? i am also unable to use waijung blockset in my 2020b version after installation i cant find the waijung in simulink worked fine in my 2016 version matlab.Is it that it only worlks for upto 2018 version as they say?
delil codes
delil codes on 14 Jan 2021 at 9:30
I need to use matlab with no update. just use original setup eg. 2020b, 2020a, 2018a etc. Just dont set up update after matlab installation.

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Answers (1)

FURKAN AKÇANLI on 23 Oct 2020
Edited: FURKAN AKÇANLI on 23 Oct 2020
i faced the same problem. i think the proplem is refreshing and targets updating. So, Firstly you should comment line, line 62.
then open the targets file and goto stm32f0 and stm32f4 open .m file at the both targets files. You will see a code like updateplugin, i think at 75. line. Comment lines too (both target files). then save all files and run it.
finally, the installation is finish, go to simulink -open the library browser and refresh or click fix link. Choose second option(it was starting with generate..)
However, İ think is updating the waijung 1 program file. So maybe the problem will be solved, in the new version
Good Luck...


delil codes
delil codes on 23 Oct 2020
Ty for your help. I solved the problem like; reinstalled matlab and not updated matlab version.
Jerin Joy
Jerin Joy on 26 Dec 2020
sir which version did you use. I,m facing similar issue in my 2018a version .The aimagin people say's it supports upto 2018a but this one still showing error.

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