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MATLAB initial velocity graph

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Blake Sewell
Blake Sewell on 14 Oct 2020
Answered: Gaurav Chaudhary on 3 Nov 2020
I have completed the first dot point as follows:
disp ('Initial Velocity')
disp ('Displacement Input')
prompt1= 'Initial displacement (metres): ';
s0 = input(prompt1); %s0=10 metres
prompt2= 'Final displacement (metres): ';
s = input(prompt2); %s=10 metres
prompt3= 'Final time (seconds): ';
t = input(prompt3); %0.8 seconds
v0 = ((s-s0)+(1/2).*(981/100).*t.^2)/t; %initial velocity equation
disp ('Result:')
disp ('Initial Velocity: ')
disp (v0)
However I am stuck on doing the second point, this is my code so far:
t = 0.5:0.1:1.5;
v0 = ((s-s0)+(1/2).*(981/100).*t.^2)/t;
plot (v0, t)
Any help is greatly appreciated thank you!!


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Answers (1)

Gaurav Chaudhary
Gaurav Chaudhary on 3 Nov 2020
I understand the issue you are facing where the velocity is not a 1D array. To make velcoity a 1D array please use the dot(.) operator.
For Example:
for the following statement the output is a double datatype
>>v0 = ((s-s0)+(1/2).*(981/100).*t.^2)/t;
V0 can be changed to a 1D array using the following command using dot operator
>>v0 = ((s-s0)+(1/2).*(981/100).*t.^2)/.t;
This should solve the issue you are facing.


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