Copy files from a folder to another directory

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Luis Oliveira
Luis Oliveira on 13 Oct 2020
Answered: Sindar on 13 Oct 2020
I have a set of 100 files in one folder named as: file_001.txt, file_002.txt ... file_100.txt.
I also have 100 folders named as: Folder_001, Folder_002 ... Folder_100.
I want to copy each file to the correspondent folder: file_001.txt to Folder_001, file_002.txt to Folder_002. Can anyone help me please?

Answers (1)

Sindar on 13 Oct 2020
check out dir and copyfile. My suggestion would be to create the lists of file and folders first, check them, then do something like this:
for ind=1:1%length(filenames)
(once the first file copies correctly, change the loop to go over all files


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