How can I change the view of a surface plot from a specified point to a specific direction?

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Hello everyone,
I want to change the view of my surface plot {} from to a specific direction { & }
At azimuth angle (ϕ)=?
= ; ,
elevation angle
Hence, i want to view the surface from to a direction ( & )
so, how can I perform it? please help...
I have used the surfl() function to plot my 3d surface {}
My Code is as follows:
[xx yy]=meshgrid(x,y);
zz=xx.^2 + yy.^2;
colormap(gray) % change color map
shading interp % interpolate colors across lines and faces
xlabel('x-axis ->')
ylabel('y-axis ->')
zlabel('f(x,y) ->')
title('f(x,y)= x^2 + y^2')
KSSV on 12 Oct 2020
You have two options.
  1. You can use view, campos by providing the viewing point input coordinates.
  2. You can do it manually, you have a rotation icon in the plot. You can click on it and adjuxt to your required view point.

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