how to create an automatically and nice "report" without report Generator

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Good morning everybody
i looking for an solution to report my result. I made an interface in the appdesigner to enter so measurements results and by pushing the start button a nice report (with a nice heading of the athlets data, the measurement results and some picutres but no code) should be publish automatically. I createt the report in the live-script (part of the live scripts is below) and by pushing the button the live-script should be filled in the the data. I tried two alternatives:
1) the first one is with PUBLISH. I used the follow code but i always got the same Error:
THIS is in my app designer programm
%% save the publishing data as a struct h =; =;
h.sports = m.sports;
h.d = d;
%% Live-Script Aufrufen
and i always got the following error:
Error using evalin
Unrecognized function or variable 'h'.
I have the function daten_auslesen saved extern as a .m file (see below) now. Bevor i had it saved in the app designer and i gave me the same error.
function daten_auslesen(h)
name =;
bd =;
sports = h.sports;
d = h.d;
Handout % Aufruf des Live Scripts
2) my second idea was the following code:
import matlab.internal.liveeditor.LiveEditorUtilities
[javaRichDocument, cleanupObj, executionTime] = LiveEditorUtilities.openAndExecute(which('Handout.mlx'));
LiveEditorUtilities.saveas(javaRichDocument, 'report.pdf');
it works! there is no error and i get a pdf file but in the file there the code shown and not the results..
part of the live-script
Patienten Daten:
disp([' Name ',name]);
disp([' Geburtsdatum: ',bd]);
disp([' Sportart: ',sports]);
disp([' Analyse-Datum: ',date]);
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.Can you help me, to get a good solution for my problem, please? Maybe you have another idear or you know a solution for one of my problems....
Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 9 Oct 2020
Edited: Mario Malic on 9 Oct 2020
Then I can move the comment in the answers section. You're welcome, great to hear it worked out!
Edit: Since my answer helped you to solve your problem, can you accept it?
Thank you in advance and have a great weekend!

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Answers (2)

Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 9 Oct 2020
  • You can set your Handout as a function that accepts h as an input argument, and call it directly from the App Designer. In this case you could move your publish command to Handout, which would simplify the process a bit (wouldn't know if that command would appear in published document).
  • You can also save the input in a .mat file, and load it within the Handout.

Jana Pecke
Jana Pecke on 9 Oct 2020
thanks for the fast help! It works :-)
your are my hero!

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