How to print a figure in a dotx template using report generator

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I'm trying to create a report based on a dotx template (word 365) using Report generator. I'm creating the template using the develepor tool in word.
However I'm not able to "print" a figure.
First i tried
Sample = figure('Name','Sample'); plot(0:10,0:10);
import mlreportgen.dom.*; import*;
D = Document('FromTemplate','docx','template.dotx');
T = Text("This is Sample!");
T.Bold = true;
% First solution below
resulting in:
Second "solution"
I'm able to convert the figure to a picture, but it doesn't scale itself to the template. This causes the image to be far larger than the page and impossible to integrate in report layout. See example below.
img = Image('Sample.jpg');
append(D, img);
I'm properly using the wrong methods, but for some reason I havent been able to find anything of the subject online. Hopefully someone here can help.
Kind regards

Accepted Answer

Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal on 1 Oct 2020
Hi Kenneth,
Report Generator provides 2 set of objects: DOM API objects and Report API objects. To know more about them, see
You can add both DOM and Reporter objects to a Report API Report, but you can only add DOM API objects to a Document. So, in your first example, in order to add the Figure reporter object, you should use a Report as the container instead of the Document.
Regarding your second solution, you can use mlreportgen.dom.ScaleToFit format to scale this image to fit the page boundaries.

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