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how to simulate experimental data with a poly-function

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how to simulate experimental data with a poly-function (F+G*T...; F G T are non linear functions) and estimate parameters (F(a,b,c,...,x); a b c are parameters and x is the variable Load y(x) with x to MATLAB, and I have the general form y=F+G*T.... with parameters inside, so I want to fit y of the model to experimental data and extract the values of the parameters from this mach
Zine on 7 Feb 2013
hellow every body, In my poly-function the parameters are vectors and not scalars, can any body tell me how to find those vectors; I just remind that I have experimental xdata and ydata and I want to find the parameters a,b,c,... to fit y=poly-function(xdata,a,b,c,...) so at each xdata(i) point I will have coresponding a(i), b(i), c(i),... and all this using least square fitting Thanks in advance
Matt J
Matt J on 8 Feb 2013
It doesn't change anything that your parameters are now scalars and not vectors. When you use LSQCURVEFIT, you pass all of your parameters bundled into a vector [a,b,c,...] anyway.

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 27 Jan 2013
Use LSQCURVEFIT if you've got it. Or, one of the functions in the Curve Fit Toolbox.

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