Can't get simple for loop to run

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Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes on 22 Sep 2020
Answered: Deepak Meena on 25 Sep 2020
I've still not got the hang of loops! I have a 3667 x 1 double matrix (d1) and I have a 33 x 1 matrix (d2). All the values in the 33 x 1 matrix (d2) should correpsond to values in the 3667 x 1 matrix (d1). I want to loop throught each row of the the 33 x 1 matrix and get the index of the equivelant value in the 3667 x 1 matrix. I can do this without a loop using the following code using just one value from d2:
where R1 correpsonds to the integer value in the matrix d2 (e.g. d2(1,1))
However, when I try and put this in a loop the result ij is empty. The code seemd to run but I'm not getting the result that I get outside the loop.
for ii=d2(1):d2(end)
Any advice on where I'm going wrong would be appreciated!

Answers (1)

Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena on 25 Sep 2020
Hi Alex ,
I think you are defining "results " variable wrong. From my understanding you want to results variable to be similar size of as d2. so you should be doing this :
Rest of the code seems fine to me.


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