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How to generate force AND velocity on an hydaulic cylinder in Simscape

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charpentier ulysse
charpentier ulysse on 18 Sep 2020
Answered: Juan Sagarduy on 13 Nov 2020
Hello ! I'm trying to simulate an hydraulic cylinder which will make turn an hydraulic motor. (Wave energy simulation).
To obtain a good simulation, I have to generate a force source and a velocity source on the cylinder. There is no problem to make them work separately, but how to make them work simultaneously and on the same cylinder ?
Thank you in advance for your answers !


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Answers (1)

Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy on 13 Nov 2020
you need:
Force sensor (cylinder) Velocity source (cylinder)
Force source (wheel-axle > motor) Velocity sensor (Wheel-Axle motor)
Then, the motor shaft is driven by a wheel-Axle mechanism taking in the force from cylinder (N) and sending back the translational velocity.
This shall work.
Regards Juan


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