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How to exclude values in column A based on quality flags in column B

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I have a file with multiple columns, column A has dates, column B has values, and column C is marked with a 0 or 1 as a quality flag (1 = unacceptable quality, 0 = acceptable quality). I need to average the data from column B based on sample date in column A, and change all the unacceptable quality data as a NaNs. I am not sure how to change change those column B values into NaNs using the quality flags of column C. Sorry if this is confusing, still new at this!

Accepted Answer

Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 22 Sep 2020
Following code may help.
You can use readtable/readmatrix to read the file into matlab. Consider X be the matrix containing A,B,C as first,second and third columns respectively. You may set the values of B to NaN using column C values as:
X(X(:,3)==0,2) = nan;

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