About function idinput - prbs , Why is not change graph although change the number of shift registers?

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I tried the codes as follows.
n = 3 and n=5
u = idinput(200,'prbs',[n,1],[-1,1]);
subplot(311), stairs(u), axis([0 200 -1.2 1.2]);
subplot(312), plot(covf(u,200)), axis([0 200 -0.2 0.2]);
subplot(313), periodogram(u);
But, Graph became same both n=3 and n=5.(See the figure below)
Please help about this problem.

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Sarvani Panguluri
Sarvani Panguluri on 10 Sep 2020
According to my understanding, you are using the idinput function with Type of generated signal being prbs. As per the documentation,
u=idinput([],Type, Band, Range)
The Band for Type 'prbs' need to be specified in the format [0 B] where B is the inverse of the clock period of the signal.
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Asahi Kitada
Asahi Kitada on 21 Sep 2020
Thank you Sarvani Panguluri!
I solved this problem as see the following site.

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