How to simulate LSTM networks?

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Lucas Ferreira-Correia
Lucas Ferreira-Correia on 6 Sep 2020
Commented: Sarvani Panguluri on 10 Sep 2020
My goal is to train the network such that it can simulate an output given the inputs only.
I've trained an LSTM for sequence to sequence regression but I can only find a prediction function to see the output.
I've messed around with sim() and predict() from the system identification toolbox but they don't seem compatible with the LSTM net.
Is there a simulation counterpart to predict() in the deep learning toolbox?
Any help greatly appreciated!

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Sarvani Panguluri
Sarvani Panguluri on 9 Sep 2020
I assume you are using Sequence to sequence regression using LSTM and using the predict function is not serving your purpose. You can try using the predictAndUpdateState method. predictAndUpdateState function is used to predict time steps one at a time and update the network state at each prediction.
Hope it helps!
Lucas Ferreira-Correia
Lucas Ferreira-Correia on 10 Sep 2020
Turns out I needed to use ' ' for the model input, though now I get this:
No system or file called 'net' found.
Does this mean that the sim function is incompatible with the seriesnetwork object?
Sarvani Panguluri
Sarvani Panguluri on 10 Sep 2020
sim is usually called implicitly by calling the neural network as a function. For instance, these two expressions return the same result:
y = sim(net,x,xi,ai)
y = net(x,xi,ai)
so you can try using 'net' directly instead of sim.You can refer these examples

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