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Modify Knob From App Designer

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How can I modify the Knob from code-wiew in the App Designer through a callback, for example I would like to set the fixed values of the knob only multiples of 2 (example: 2 ^ 1, 2 ^ 2, 2 ^ 3, 2 ^ 4) and the space between them without changing their numerical value.

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 3 Sep 2020
Sossio - I suspect that you will want to create a discrete uiknob. Perhaps something like the following will do
fig = uifigure;
kb = uiknob(fig, 'discrete');
kb.Items = split(num2str(2.^[1:4]));
kb.ItemsData = {2 4 8 16};
The above simplifies (somewhat) what you want to do as you would want to access the kb via the App object (I'm guessing) in whatever callback you wish to make this change.

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