variable pulse delay block does not work in accelerated mode?

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I have just tried the variable pulse delay block from the mixed signal blockset. I have found to my dismay that it does not compile in accelerated mode. Error is
No implementation for 'VarPlsDelay' has been defined in 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2020a\rtw\c\tlc\private_api\genmap.tlc'.
Error message indicates that the issue is with the Mathworks limited support for this block. Please advise! We need this block in accelerated mode...

Accepted Answer

Sarvani Panguluri
Sarvani Panguluri on 8 Sep 2020
The issue has been identified already and our developers are aware of it.This feature is made available in R2020b.
Claudio Rey
Claudio Rey on 9 Sep 2020
I tried the 2020b pre-release and it is not fixed there. Do you have a prerelease update with this fix? We need this feature badly!
Sarvani Panguluri
Sarvani Panguluri on 16 Sep 2020
The feature is not available in pre-release.Its made available in R2020b.

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