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Is it possible to publish MATLAB code that can be executed online?

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I have simple .m file. It contains a simulation that demonstrates the law of large numbers with a figure. What I want to do is to publish this code on a page online that can be executed online. So suppose a student is trying to understand the law of large numbers and looking for a simulation that demonstrates it. I want this strudent to find my page where he can push the run button to execute the code that generates the figure demonstrating the law of large numbers. For some reason I thught GitHub allows to do this. That is, I thought I could upload my .m file on GitHub and people visiting my GitHub page could see the code and run it online on GitHub to see what the code does, like they run it on their desktop MATLAB application. Is not this possible? Important is that public should be able to access the page. So MATLAB Online does not seem suitable as those with no MATLAB license wil not be able to run the code.

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Gareth D Souza
Gareth D Souza on 18 Jun 2021
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Snoopy on 18 Jun 2021
I will try as soon as I can and comment back for future reference for others. Thanks a lot.

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Snoopy on 24 Jan 2022
Edited: Snoopy on 26 Jan 2022
However, this is not what I want. What I want is that the third party from the public runs the code online himself. That is, he uses a link to that brings him to MATLAB online, sees my m file, and runs it. Is this possible?
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 26 Jan 2022
I wouldn't know about that. Sometimes I come across my answers from years past that claim something isn't possible and then it becomes possible so I'm careful about my wording (sometimes).

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