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Hi, I trie to use gpucoder.stridedMatrixMultiplyAdd to speed up my training. I run the example as:
A1 = coder.newtype('double',[15,42],[0 0]);
A2 = coder.newtype('double',[15,42],[0 0]);
B1 = coder.newtype('double',[42,30],[0 0]);
B2 = coder.newtype('double',[42,30],[0 0]);
alpha = 0.3;
inputs = {A1,B1,A2,B2,alpha};
cfg = coder.gpuConfig('lib');
cfg.GpuConfig.EnableCUBLAS = true;
cfg.GpuConfig.EnableCUSOLVER = true;
cfg.GenerateReport = true;
codegen -config cfg-args inputs myBatchMatMul
After that, I got an error: Unrecognized configuration argument
Use help codegen for more information on using this command.
Error using codegen
After running the following codes, it looks that I have installed all the required toolboxes. Can you help me to fix it? my cuda version is 11, toolkitversion 10.1, cuDNN 7.5
Compatible GPU : PASSED
CUDA Environment : PASSED
Runtime : PASSED
cuDNN Environment : PASSED
Basic Code Generation : PASSED
Basic Code Execution : PASSED
ans =
struct with fields:
gpu: 1
cuda: 1
cudnn: 1
tensorrt: 1
basiccodegen: 1
basiccodeexec: 1
deepcodegen: 1
deepcodeexec: 0
tensorrtdatatype: 1
profiling: 1

Accepted Answer

Hariprasad Ravishankar
Hariprasad Ravishankar on 31 Aug 2020
Edited: Hariprasad Ravishankar on 31 Aug 2020
It looks like you missed a space after 'cfg'
Try adding a space after the 'cfg' in the codegen command as follows
codegen -config cfg -args inputs myBatchMatMul
Please note that GPU Coder, MATLAB R2020a only supports CUDA 10.2 and hence CUDA 11 may not be fully compatible with the release.

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