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I have removed about 75 unnecessary folders. How do I easily remove them from my path?

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I cleaned up my disk, but my "path" still looks for all the deleted folders. Is there an easy way to remove them from my path? I'd love to tell Matlab to simply remove all the folders it failed to find. I don't want to have to do them one at a time!

Answers (3)

Jan on 11 Jan 2013
The method suggested by Imnage Analyst in detail:
P = regexp(path, pathsep, 'split');
for iP = 1:numel(P)
if exist(P{iP}, 'dir') ~= 7

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Jan 2013
You can start from scratch with the restoredefaultpath command. Or you can get the path into a string, then split the string up with regexp() and go though each one testing it with exist(folder, 'dir') and if the folder doesn't exist, call rmpath().

Richard Crozier
Richard Crozier on 11 Jan 2013
A better long term solution is to use a script to generate your path every time you start matlab instead of hard coding the path. Matlab looks for the script startup.m on startup, you can put commands such as
addpath( genpath('my/top/level/dir') )
in here to add a directory and subdirectories each time.


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