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John on 10 Jan 2013
I am using the code below to generate this plot.
The variable data contains acceleration and velocity data.
Is there a way to overwrite the the 0,0 bar (i.e velocity = 0 and acceleration = 0) and set it equal to 0? The height of the 0,0 bar is causing the other bars to appear small.
Appreciate any comments.
% Load data
load Data;
% Create the 3D bar chart
% Calculate histogram
nBinsX = 10;
nBinsY = 10;
% Plot histogram
s = get(gca,'child');
zData = get(s,'zData');
colormap gray;
'zData' ,zData/length(Data),... % normalize frequency
'FaceColor' ,'interp',...
'EdgeColor' ,0.3*[1 1 1],... % make edges visible at all heights
'CDataMode' ,'auto'); % color tops according to height
% Labels
title('Velocity VS Acceleration Distribution');
xlabel('Velocity (mph)');
ylabel('Acceleration (m/s^2)');
zlabel('Normalized Frequency');

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 10 Jan 2013
Edited: José-Luis on 10 Jan 2013
You could remove the data that are close to [0 0] before getting your histogram
If you want to remove values equal to [0 0];
Data = Data(~all(Data,2),:);
If you want to remove values close to [0 0];
your_lim = eps(100); %or some other approximation
Data = Data(all(abs(Data) > your_lim,2),:);
Then you can obtain your histogram.

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