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my root locus plot wont show the datatip

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Zain Ahmed
Zain Ahmed on 25 Aug 2020
Commented: Matteo Ceriotti on 12 Nov 2020
i have a root locus plot here:
k = 1;
s = tf('s');
Gs = 1/(s^2+s);
Ks = k*(s+2)/(s+10);
sys = Gs*Ks/(1+Gs*Ks);
But the problem is that, whenever i click on the line, the data won't display, just x and y coordinate. is there any fix to this?


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Answers (1)

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 28 Aug 2020
Hi Zain,
I assume that you are using the MATLAB live editor for root locus plot. This is a known issue, it is reported to the developers and the concerned people are looking into it.
One known workaround is to:
1. Create the root locus plot with either 'rlocus' command or the 'rlocusplot' command from a MATLAB script file or the command line.
2. Then use data cursor to examine various points of the root locus plot.
Kiran Felix Robert


Zain Ahmed
Zain Ahmed on 28 Aug 2020
I wan't the developers to fix that issue immediately
Matteo Ceriotti
Matteo Ceriotti on 12 Nov 2020
The fact that the "interactive" features of some plots such as Bode diagrams, Root loci and p-z maps do not work in the live editor is big deal for me. One of the advantages of the live editor is to show step-by-step how the code works to students, and interactively explore results and changes, but this is a major feature which is lacking.

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