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Hassan on 19 Apr 2011
I have a big 3-dimensional array (1500 rows, 500 columns, 4 bands) in band-sequential (BSQ)format. I tried Multibandread() function but it takes ages to read the data. Is there any faster way to import the data into Matlab? I appereciate your help.

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Jan on 20 Apr 2011
Did you try a simple FREAD?
FID = fopen(FileName, 'r');
if FID < 0; error('Cannot open file'); end
% Skip the header here...
Data = fread(FID, Inf, 'uint8=>uint8'); % Choose the correct format!
Data = reshape(Data, [500, 1500, 4]);
Data = permute(Data, [2, 1, 3]);
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Hassan on 21 Apr 2011
thanks a lot Jan.

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