Would it be possible to save a draft in gmail using Matlab?

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I am trying to use Matlab to save an email as a draft in Gmail. I am familiar with how Matlab can send an email through SMTP. However, it turns out you cannot use this protocol (smpt) to modify or create emails in the draft folder. I was wondering if there is any way to save a draft in Gmail by Matlab.
It seems Gmail API can be a solution: https://blog.mailtrap.io/send-emails-with-gmail-api/
Is there any matlab code out there for using Gmail API?

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Nipun Katyal
Nipun Katyal on 26 Aug 2020
You can send a mail from Matlab and attach files to it as mentioned in the given link, although the functionality you are looking for can be utilised from the outlook app on windows using a COM server as shown in this example

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