What type of joint should I use and with what configuration should it be?

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I am working with a Ball & Plate, when using the 6 DOF joint, the ball moves in the Y axis infinitely. What type of joint should I use and with what configuration should it be? to make the ball roll over the plate as it moves and sense its movement.

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Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi on 24 Aug 2020
can you share the mechanics configuration ? It seems you may have the gravity on the Y axis, and the ball simply fall along the y axis because of gravity.
In order to have the ball rolling over the plate you may need to implement a contact force. For older release this is available with file exchange entry:
I would strongly recommend to use the latest release (2020a) where we implemented contact forces natively and take a look at following example. Use a 6 DoF between ball and world, but create a contact force relationship between plate and ball:
Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi on 28 Aug 2020
I'm still not sure I understand.
What you can do is apply force to the ball periodically: imagine your fingers hitting the ball every x seconds to see how the system reacts. But the trajectory is then going to be the results of physics and how your controller behave. It would not make sense to define a trajcetory: the controller would be useless
You can apply a periodic "hit" using such blocks. Play around with the force value to stimulate more or less:

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