Branch connection between an architecture port and two component ports

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As described in the documentation, architecture ports and component ports are connected with tags.
I want to connect an architecture port to two component ports. In other words: I want to branch a connection between a component port and an architecture port to be able to connect another component port. A few months ago I managed to do it, but I can't reproduce it.
Finally it should look like in this mockup:

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod on 20 Aug 2020
You could directly drag the input arrow of architecture and connect it to the component similar to how you connect the first component with the architecture. The branching will happen directly.
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Andy on 21 Aug 2020
Thank you, Vimal. Your answer answers my question in a perfect way. To explain, why I was wondering: I have been unsuccessfully trying to connect one outport with two components, which does not seem to be intended.

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