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How can I call a python-Function in Matlab with an Array as input and return Value?

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Hello Community
I am re-Organizing Arrays in Matlab. Since I am a python-Person, I wrote a program that simply rearranges the order of the Array-Content i created in matlab. I need the re-organized Array again in Matlab so I would like to do the following:
Dummy code all within matlab:
1 Matlab-createdArray [randomsize]
2 NewOrderArray = py.Rearrange(Matlab-CreatedArray)
3... do whatever with my newOrderArray
I will attach my python idea aswell, maybe one of you can help me to convert that into Matlab and dont call python in the end, that be the smoother way I guess.
For those who care, the idea of my re-arrange is to basically re-order the array in a Middle-First way (like middle-out sort but backwards). So an order of 1,2,3,4,5 becomes 1,5,3,2,4 and so on.
I am happy for every input, thanks a lot in advance!
def fundamentalfunc( num1 , num2 ):
mid = int( ( num1+num2 ) / 2 )
return [num1, mid , mid+1, num2], mid
def layerGenerator( whatImReallyInterestedIn, previousLayer ):
newLayer= [ ]
for i in range(0, len( previousLayer ), 2):
dummy,element = fundamentalfunc(previousLayer[ i ],previousLayer[ i+1 ] )
whatImReallyInterestedIn.append( element )
newLayer.extend( dummy )
return newLayer
def uniquifyer( whatImReallyInterestedIn, num2 ):
consecutiveList = list( range( 1, num2+1 ) )
simplifiedList = [ ]
for i in range( 0, len( whatImReallyInterestedIn ) ):
focus = whatImReallyInterestedIn[i]
for j in range( 0,len( consecutiveList ) ):
if focus == consecutiveList[j]:
simplifiedList.append( consecutiveList[ j ] )
consecutiveList.pop( j )
return simplifiedList
num2= 20
whatImReallyInterestedIn = [ ]
newLayer = [1, num2]
while len(whatImReallyInterestedIn) < num2:
newLayer = layerGenerator( whatImReallyInterestedIn, newLayer )
whatImReallyInterestedIn = uniquifyer( whatImReallyInterestedIn, num2 )

Answers (1)

Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena on 9 Sep 2020
Hey Wilhelm,
My understanding is that you want to import the functionality of a python function. It's very common practise and very easy to use to as well.
From the MATLAB command prompt, add the current folder to the Python search path.
if count(py.sys.path,'') == 0
Consider the following example to use python functionality in MATLAB:
N = py.list({'Jones','Johnson','James'})
N = Python list with no properties. ['Jones', 'Johnson', 'James']
Similarly in this way you can create your python array/list in MATLAB.
Now let's suppose your file name is and code structure is like this:
def Rearrange(OldArray):
% your alogorithm
return NewArray
Now you can call this functionas in MATLAB:
names = py.myfile.Rearrange(OldArray);
Here Names will also be the Python list/array.
Hope this clear your doubt. For more detail refer to this document 

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