How to remove lines that do not start with specific characters?

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The file consists of values like
v 1 2 3
v 1 2 3
vt 1 2 3
vn 1 2 3
f 1 2 3
I want only lines that start with v or f -- other lines should be removed .
How to do this? Please help me. Thanks in advance.
Is it possible using this regexprep?

Answers (2)

Sriram on 2 Jan 2013

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Jan 2013
infile = fileread('YourFileName.txt');
newfile = regexprep(infile, '^[^vf].*$', '', 'lineanchors', 'dotexceptnewline');
fid = fopen('NewFileName.txt');
fwrite(fid, newfile);
Jan on 2 Jan 2013
@Sharen: Please do not post "not working" without any explanations in the forum. Do you get an error message (which one?) or do the results differ from your expectations (how?)?

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