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Retrieve License File error

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Yuxi Luo
Yuxi Luo on 7 Aug 2020
Answered: Arnav Dubey on 10 Aug 2020
We are currently experiencing a license retrieval error on our license id: 40881100. Below I have attached a screenshot detailing the error message. We had never changed any settings after our initial configuration, so we are unsure why this error arose. Please let us know what the problem may be and how we could resolve it. Please also let me know how else I can help faciliate this process. Please also reply back to ( and Thank you very much.


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Arnav Dubey
Arnav Dubey on 10 Aug 2020
As per my knowledge, a possible explanation for this would be because this is a network license, you will have to retrieve the license.dat file from the license server your organization hosts (or set one up if you have not already). If you have not configured your license server yet, Please check the link below for instructions for doing so:
How do I install or update the Network License Manager?
And once you have done so please refer this:
How do I install a MATLAB client for a network license?
If the issue persists, please contact MathWorks Technical Support.


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