Command to exit to the base workspace?

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Leo Simon
Leo Simon on 7 Aug 2020
Commented: Leo Simon on 7 Aug 2020
Is there a command "between" return and quit that will exit from a workspace but leave me in the base workspace? return puts me into the caller workspace while quit exits matlab altogether. I simply want to close the program I'm in and get back to the >> prompt. I could of course execute a keyboard command, and then dbquit all, but I'd much prefer to be able to do it in one step.
Leo Simon
Leo Simon on 7 Aug 2020
One other limitation: I have dbstop if error set as a default. Obviously you have to dbclear this before coding in error(). But it's a small cost

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 7 Aug 2020
As Bruno Luong pointed out, this does not work inside try-catch and also prints text to the command window.

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