channel coefficients from mimochan() in embedded matlab

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Preethi on 30 Dec 2012
For implementing MIMO in Simulink i am using mimochan() in matlab function. The channel object is created and i used filter() to pass the modulated signal. It worked fine. Now, for the PathGains of the channel object, i used the follwing code
coder.extrinsic('mimochan') chnl = mimochan(2,2,0.0001,40) out_1 = filter(chan,data) chnl_coeff = chan.PathGains
It is giving me an error. I also tried by intializing the chnl_coeff with zeros and then trying to access PathGains, in vain.
Even the line chnl.StorePathGains = 1 when included seperately is also giving the same error. coder.extrinsic('mimochan') chnl = mimochan(2,2,0.0001,40) chnl.StorePathGains = 1 out_1 = filter(chan,data)
Did i missed out anything while using mimochan() in simulink matlab function? I am out of ideas... The same code is working in normal .m files..
Request to help me out from this problem..Thanking you in advance

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