How can I link .a FORTRAN libraries to mex files?

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I'm trying to use a fortran library, with extension .a, with a fortran source mex file.
I have tried
mex FileName.F -L/library_path -lLibName
but I get the error:
Error using mex
MEX cannot find library 'LibName', specified with the -l option.
MEX searched for a file with one of the following names:
Does anyone know how to link .a files to mex files?

Answers (1)

Nipun Katyal
Nipun Katyal on 10 Aug 2020
The issue at hand is that the mex compiler is trying to find a ".lib" file instead of a ".a" file. If you are using windows you will have to get the windows distribution of the library. If you are on linux you can check the path to library and find the correct usage for mex compiler flags given here.


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