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Creating a wrapper to a C++ robot driver library that was compiled with VS2010

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Martin Rupp
Martin Rupp on 3 Aug 2020
I want to control a robot via its C++ driver but idealy developing the control using Matlab/Simulink. I have already verified the driver by itself and now I am looking for an avenue to communicate from Matlab/Simulink so I can send commands to the robot. The problem I se is that the library is compiled using Visual Studio C++ 2010 and it is not possible to compile with a newer version(The robot is very old) so if I understand the documentation correctly, I can not use the:
because to do this I need the same compiler as the library was compiled with but Visual Studio C++ 2010 is not supported by Matlab anymore. I also tried
but there I get an error which I think is the result that I have the source code inside a .sln Visual Studio solution. But I am also not sure if this should be working anyways becaue its made for C libraries instead of C++, is that correct?
The documentation on C++ Wrappers seems to be a bit sparse. Can you guide me to the correct ressources to figure out a way to use the c++ library?
Best Regards

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