Georectify/Orthorectify Aerial Imagery

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Sonoma Rich
Sonoma Rich on 18 Dec 2012
Does matlab have any tools to georectify aerial imagery? I have wide FOV images that I took at a lookdown angle around 70 deg from horizontal. I can assume a flat surface (do not need to correct for hills and mountains). I also know the orientation (angle from north) of the image. I would like to be able to save them as GeoTiff files. I looked at the mapping toolbox, but it did not have seem to have the tools that I needed. Any suggestions.

Answers (1)

David on 19 Dec 2012
Perhaps cpt2tform to create a transform structure using a projective transform type. I'm not quite sure what coordinate pairs you'd use but perhaps you can work out some coordinate pairs that mimic the rotation and oblique angle. Then imtransform to transform the image?
I'm unfamilier with the GeoTiff format and don't think imwrite will support it, but a number of other formats including tiff are.

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