How do I create a Stand Alone Application using Windows for a GUI that starts a Stateflow model?

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I want to compile a GUI that calls a Stateflow Simulation. With this, I want to create a windows stand alone application using a windows executable so it can be used outside of Matlab; meaning giving it to someone that does not own Matlab and they can still run it. I tried the DEPLOYTOOL but it only was able to execute the GUI and not the Stateflow Simulation associated with the GUI. For the DEPLOYTOOL I used this video,
I looked online regarding doing this with Stateflow and came across building targets; simulation targets and real-time workshop targets. I am not sure if this is going to have to be associated with what I am trying to do. To give a general outline of my project: A GUI allows the user to pick a CSV data file to be simulated. A GUI allows the user to press a “Start Simulation” button. A Stateflow simulation is than started using the CSV data file selected. The Stateflow simulation than calls two plot functions.
Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

TAB on 18 Dec 2012
Stateflow can not be opened standalone without Matlab. Stateflow runs under simulink environment and simulink runs under matlab environment.
If you want to integrate the behavior you gave implemented in stateflow, you can generated the code from it using Simulink Coder toolbox and integrate the generated code in your standalone code.

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