how to get value to workspace from simulink model when paused?which is running in a for loop

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I am running script to open a simulink model and simulate it in a for loop for 100 steps,in which i want to pause my simulation at 30th step and pass the values from simulink model to workspace,,,,in a for loop models are not giving values to workspace
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Arun Badigannavar
Arun Badigannavar on 17 Dec 2012
Simulink provides an application programming interface, called the block run-time interface, that enables programmatic access to block data, such as block inputs and outputs, parameters, states, and work vectors, while a simulation is running. You can use this interface to access block run-time data from the MATLAB command line, the Simulink Debugger, and from Level-2 MATLAB S-functions (see Write Level-2 MATLAB S-Functions).

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