MATLAB export_fig crops title

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Sindre Hodneland
Sindre Hodneland on 18 Jul 2020
Commented: Diaa on 13 Sep 2020
I am trying to export pdf figures with the export_fig function, but it is cropping away the title. it is doing a nice cropping job at the other axis but not the north one. My code is
t = 0:0.01:10;
s1 = 0.7*sin(6*t) + sin(9*t) + 2*sin(14*t);
title('This is a title')
export_fig( './sinewave_with_noise', '-pdf','-transparent')
The above code produces this figure
I know I can '-nocrop':
export_fig( './sinewaves', '-pdf','-transparent','-nocrop')
to get the title back, but then it is not cropped on the west and east axis, like below
Anyone had this issue, or have a workaround?
Thanks for any comments!

Accepted Answer

Yair Altman
Yair Altman on 18 Jul 2020
This is fixed in the latest version of export_fig (3.09). In the future, report such issues in export_fig's issues page:

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Jul 2020
If you have r2020a, you can try exportgraphics() instead.
Diaa on 13 Sep 2020
Simplest solution. Thanks for pointing this out.

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