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Adjacent Text Character Grouping

Asked by Chandra Shekhar on 15 Dec 2012
I am having a Text String image,here i need to make each string as one group by using connected component grouping.
For a connected component C, if both sibling sets are not empty and their size difference does not exceed 3, a sibling group SG(C)is defined as the union of the two sibling sets and the connected component itself.At this point, each sibling group can be considered as a fragment of a text string.
To create sibling groups corresponding to complete text strings, we merge together any two sibling groups SG(C1)and SG(C2)when the intersection of two sibling groups contains no less than two connected components. Repeat the merge process until no sibling groups can be merged together.
For example please see the image by given link.
Does any one know Please suggest me or any MATLAB code..?
Thank You.


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