Removing the first row in data with multiple headers

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I have a text file that has 5 rows of headers. I'm using readtable but I want the second row of headers to be the table headers. How can I remove the first row of the header so readtable uses the second row. I have to do this for about 55 files, and am comfortable making it a loop, I just can't get rid of the first row.
sample file is too large to upload, even wem compressed. It can be found here:

Accepted Answer

jonas on 16 Jul 2020
As per isakson said, use detectimportoptions to fine-tune your table import.
fname = 's03_lab_base.c3d.txt';
opts = detectImportOptions(fname,'VariableNamesLine',2);
T = readtable(fname,opts)

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