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Randomise phase when using dsp.STFT / ISTFT real time?

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Angeliki Mourgela
Angeliki Mourgela on 15 Jul 2020
Commented: jibrahim on 23 Jul 2020
I would like to create a plugin that performs STFT on the input and then randomises the phases before ISTFT-ing again. I tried to implement this using the dsp.STFT & dsp.ISTFT objects combined with the code for phase randomisation suggested here: but it doesn't work (sounds choppy). When I run this I am also getting this message on the command window: Warning: Integer operands are required for colon operator when used as index.
Is there something obvious I am missing and if not is there any other way to implement this ?
I attach a snippet of a real-time processing stream I created to test this, below :
%Create amplitude modulated sine
fs = 44100;
t = 0:1/fs:5;
t = t';
x = (1+cos(2*pi*50*t)).*cos(2*pi*1000*t);
%create real-time audio objects
FrameLength = 512;
afr = dsp.AudioFileReader('amplmodsine.wav',...
adw = audioDeviceWriter('SampleRate',afr.SampleRate);
%create stft and istft objects
WindowLength = FrameLength;
HopLength = 16;
numHopsPerFrame = FrameLength / 16;
FFTLength = 1024;
win = hamming(WindowLength,'periodic');
stf = dsp.STFT(win,WindowLength-HopLength,FFTLength);
istf = dsp.ISTFT(win,WindowLength-HopLength,1,0);
%processing stream
while ~isDone(afr)
cleanAudio = afr();
y = zeros(FrameLength,1);
for index = 1:numHopsPerFrame
X = stf(cleanAudio((index-1)*HopLength+1:index*HopLength));
% Add random phases
rnd_theta= -pi+pi.*rand(N,L/2-1);
% Convert back to time-domain
y((index-1)*HopLength+1:index*HopLength) = istf(X);
% Listen


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Accepted Answer

jibrahim on 20 Jul 2020
Hi Angeliki,
I think you need to invert the order here:
[N,L] size(X);
With the STFT object, the second dimension is the number of channels, so L is equal to 1 in your code. I think you want L to be equal to 1024 (fft length) and N to be equal to 1.
The dimensions of rnd_theta would have to change accordingly.


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jibrahim on 23 Jul 2020
Hi Angeliki,
In your plugin code, the STFT and ISTFT objects are recreated every time you call process, so you are not holding the STFT state between process calls. The STFT and ISTFT objects should be properties on the plugin. You can create them in the class constructor. Here is an example:
classdef testplug2 <audioPlugin
properties (Access = private)
function plugin = testplug2()
WindowLength = 512;
win = hamming(WindowLength,'periodic');
HopLength = 16;
FFTLength = WindowLength;
plugin.stf = dsp.STFT(win,WindowLength-HopLength,FFTLength);
plugin.istf = dsp.ISTFT(win,WindowLength-HopLength,1,0);
function out = process(plugin,in)
in = in(:,1);
FrameLength = length(in);
WindowLength = FrameLength;
HopLength = 16;
numHopsPerFrame = FrameLength/HopLength;
out = zeros(size(in));
for index = 1:numHopsPerFrame
X_L = plugin.stf(in((index-1)*HopLength+1:index*HopLength));
mag = abs(X_L);%original magnitude
phi = angle(X_L);
rnd_theta = -pi/2+pi/2*rand(L,N);
mix_theta = phi-rnd_theta;
XL_rand = mag.*exp(1i*mix_theta);
% Convert back to time-domain
out((index-1)*HopLength+1:index*HopLength) = plugin.istf(XL_rand);
Angeliki Mourgela
Angeliki Mourgela on 23 Jul 2020
Oh my I'm gonna cry, it actually works now! Thank you ever so much
jibrahim you have been extremely helpful! :)

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